using the MEGAformer and the VERSAclimber!!!!



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Package Details: This package is designed to get you started on the right track and find your best self. Learning new habits is hard. Together we will work to create lifestyle changes that will help you get the best from your workouts and gain more energy, better sleep and overall well being.

2 privates are included in this pacakge

1 week of meal prep help (includes an hour at the groc store) Any addtl time is $20 per

Weekly support and updates

Monthly check in and journal reviews

before and after photos and measurements

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 WeLLNESS Support Package

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Package Details: This package is designed for those ready to really dive in and are serious about making changes that last. You have to be ready to have discipline and adapt a new learning curve to get the results you want to achieve.  Together we'll work towards finding whats holding you back from where you want to be and create lifestyle changes that will help you gain the life you want.

Includes all of the wellness package plus the following

2 weeks of meal prep help

30 min check in each week (addtl time $15 per over 30)

1 addtl private or routine workout via face time together

(can be adapted to travel)

2 mini check in session via face time through the month



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Package Details: This package is designed to be a continues journey for those that feel like they need extra support and someone to help them be accountable. This includes addtional check in sessions, monthly support and a month of classes in person or online.

Includes all of the support package plus the following

4 privates with Heather (or workouts together through the mo via face time or in person)

3 weeks meal prep help and mini session on cooking for the week

4 mini check in sessions via face time through the month

30 day body detox and reset every 3 mos.

1 month unlimited classes (*new clients)

Please NOTE: ReSults will vary depending on package, individual and commitment to adhere to the program. Consistency is key and part of the program to create habits that will transfer over to a lifestyle change. This takes at least 21 days to commit to and 90 days to get the realistic results most individuals will find.  Please consult with your doctor prior to starting any new workout or nutrition program. 

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Single Sessions:

Monthly & Unlimited Memberships:

*30 day expiration unless noted

  (excludes studio special offers)

*All sales are non-refundable, transferable,changeable or exchangeable.

*A Valid CC is required to be on file at all times, including situations when taking advantage of promotional studio offers.
*You are paying for a class not an instructor. Classes and instructors subject to change without notice at anytime.
* Grip socks are required for all classes.

*Monthly Memberships automatically renew every month and can be changed at anytime. Renewal is ongoing unless changed or cancelled by client via email 31 days/Calendar month notice.

*31 days/Calendar written notice is required to change any auto-pay membership. 

*A membership cancellation charge of $75 will apply for any 3 and 6 month membership plus 1 month. No charges for changes inside a commitment but a new commitment term will apply.

*Studio special packages will have some conditions. Please read agreement prior to accepting agreement terms.
*Cancellation must be sent to: lagreepulse45@gmail.com in order to process and cancel renewal. A cancellation made inside 30 days will process the following month.

Please review our cancellation policies and terms and conditions HERE  


*If you are interested in adding a nurtriton program to your membership. We do offer a guidance package that allows you to have a the coaching help monthly and keeps you accoutable. It is a starter program that allows you the opportuinty to see the results that you can achieve while applying our method. 

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