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  Official workout to Miss Kansas USA 2019 Alyssa Klinzing Top 10 @ Miss USA 

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Heather is the one and ONLY  trainer in the pageant world that teaches LAGREE! She's worked with former title holders such as; Eleanna Livaditis 2014 as well as Miss Wyoming USA, Lexi Hill 2014, Miss Colorado USA Amanda Wiley 2013 and current title holder Miss Kansas USA 2019 Alyssa Klinzing, Top 10 at Miss USA.

  A former contestant and finalist on the Miss Kansas USA  stage,  she understands the time, dedication, drive and motivation you need to obtain and stay committed to your pageant fitness goals! She has prepared and worked exclusively with some of the best coaches in the pageant industry!

There is so much I could say about Heather but when I think about how much she helped me not only physically but emotionally and mentally as well, I am truly left speechless. She cares for you far beyond your fitness goals and she will be there with you every step of the way. I love Lagree because you can really maximize the time you have to work out with this method. I have never seen my body change so fast in such a short period of time! The best part is I truly learned that there is no miracle diet, pill, or teatox that will give me the body I have always wanted, I had to work hard for it but the time I was working with Heather at Lagree didn’t feel like work at all! She will be a lifelong friend and mentor for me, not just a fitness coach! Do your mind and body a solid and get into her classes, take a private, and fall in love with the Lagree method! -

Miss Kansas USA 2019 Alyssa Klinzing {Top 10 Miss USA}

Heather trained and was officially certified by Sebasiten Lagree, one of the top fitness celebrity trainers in Los Angeles! Whatever your goals are Heather works hard to help you attain confidence, poise and strength with an experience that will change your life and your body like NOTHING else will!

Heather's custom program focuses on nutrition; creating healthy habits before and after workouts to keep on track and incorporate exercise in your travel so you won't lose momentum during your busy life and appearance schedule!

Miss Kansas USA 2019 Alyssa Klinzing

Miss Colorado USA 2014 Eleanna Livaditis

Miss Wyoming USA 2014 Lexi Hill

Miss Colorado USA 2013  Amanda Wiley

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