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At the risk of sounding very corny or dramatic, I must say that finding LAgree Pulse 45 saved my life! I found LAgree Pulse 45 2 1/2 years ago at a very low point in my life. I wasn't sure I was up to starting something new--I wanted a classic pilates class. At LAgree Pulse 45 I got more than that! They took my expectations to a new level and pumped it up to  be an unbelievable workout. This is NO pilates class. It was excatly what I needed.   Even though these are group classes, the very knowledgable instructors, can modify almost every exercise to fit your personal needs. I myself, am 59, a type 1, insulin dependent diabetic, and in rehab for a recent total knee replacement. They still let me attend!! Some say it's too difficult--all I can say is you get out of this class what you put in. I cannot thank  LAgree Pulse 45 and staff enough. After all, they saved my life!

Diane C.

LAgree Pulse 45 is amazing.I hate working out and have become absolutely addicted to pilates plus. It is so much fun and is a truly amazing full body workout. The owners and instructors, Heather and Jesse are such great trainers and are professional, kind, and knowledgeable. My body has had dramatic changes in just two months. The classes are for all levels and are easily picked up by everyone. I love this place!

Becky H.

I have been a dancer for most of my life and even had a studio for several years. I taught (dance) aerobics when that was a craze much like Zumba is today. Dancing is my passion and I still take every opportunity (when I can) to compete in competitions for fun and fitness! So, I am pretty flexible @ age (60+). When I went to my first class, I was curious. At first it seems a little intimidating but, once I started the class I really got into it and was very impressed with the workout. Dancing can tone and work your muscles too BUT, not like this workout did!! Even though I could have put more effort into it, every muscle in my body was telling me to take things slow and gradually work up to my full potential. Dancing is my first LOVE, but LAGREE FITNESS is definitely my second! The thing I liked the best about it is that the movements can be modified for any fitness level and/or age. I really LOVE it!!

Jackie W.