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Studio Terms and Conditions:

*A valid CC must be on file to reserve your spot in advance. This includes for a promotional package and/or a first class FREE.

* We are a reservation only exclusive studio and we are currently do not take Walk-ins. If you would like to become a member of the studio please email us at: 

*Due to the limited number of MEGA's available, a valid credit card must be on file to reserve and guarantee a MEGAFORMER in class and for studio cancellation policies. This includes any FREE class offer or studio promo.

*Auto-pay can be cancelled at anytime with 31 days/Calendar month written notice to:  

*Any 3 and 6 month commitments will require a charge of 1-month. Cancellations must be made within 31 days/Calendar month prior to renewal date to avoid another additional months membership charge.  A $75 cancellation charge will apply inside commitments that are cancelled prior to renewal (this includes in promotional or foundng rate packages). 

*There are no charges for changeing (adding or decreasing membership)  inside the commitment but a new 3-6 month term will apply to any added change.

*All monthly memberships renew onging with no end date unless cancelled by client via email in writing to:

*Agreement Cancellation Policy:  Client may cancel contract obligations if the Client’s change in permanent residence exceeds 20 miles from LAgree Pulse 45. Studio requires proof of address change and a cancellation fee of $75 plus 1-month will apply. Client may cancel the agreement obligations due to disability or physical ailments that would prevent use of the facility and/or equipment. Client must provide a written notice from their physician or care giver explaining the disability or ailment that would prevent use of the facility. Upon receipt of notice, LAgree Pulse 45 shall terminate the Agreement within 10 days. Any and all additional reasons for cancellation shall be at the discretion of LAgree Pulse 45 and subject to 1-month and a cancellation charge, not to exceed $75.

*All sales are non-refundable and classes are non-exchangable and non-transferable. Including Private sessions and/or packages.

*Classes must be prepaid in order to book a session (including private sessions). Classes and Privates cannot be confirmed otherwise.

*$15 extra class charge applies for a class that is over your current package limit.

* LAgree Pulse 45 is not responsible for overdraft or bank fees that occur from late fees being charged to your account.

* We accept: VISA, MASTERCARD and DISCOVER only! 

* Grip socks are required for all fitness classes. Including your first class.

* Classes and Instructors are subject to change without notice! Please check our Live Schedule regulary for any class changes.


Please note: all expiration dates on monthly packages including any current studio specials start from date of purchase. Monthly packages expire 30 days from purchase date. 


*12-hour cancellation notice is required to avoid a forfiet of a class for single session members and 8-hours for monthly members.

* A cancellation made inside 2-hours prior to class start is a $20 Late cancelation charge on client account. Regardless of membership. Class is returned to your account for later use.

* A No Show $30 applies to CC on file for a reserved Mega when client does not attend scheduled class time. You will forfeit the class for any No Show.

* A Late Arrival to a scheduled class is considered a No Show and a $30 charge applies to CC on file. If a client attends class late that spot may be given away to a waiting student. Please be respectful to your fellow students and arrive on time.  

* Clients must check in no less than 10 minutes prior to their FIRST class start in order to take class. We MUST have time to go over our MEGA for saftey reasons.

*All classes will be returned to clients account in the case of a Late cancel inside 2-hours. NO refunds are given for a Late Cancellaton or No show that applied due to canceling a class.

PLEASE NOTE:  *Emailing, Texting or Calling the studio is not an acceptable form of cancellation. These messages will not be answered .   *The same cancellation polices apply to all current running studio specials including Social media coupons and other advertistments through a form of a discount.

***Waitlist:  Are you automatically added to class outside the 2 hour window to class start. When added to the waitlist these same above cancellation policy applies. If you sign up for the waitlist and spot opens up, you will automatically be added to the class. An email confirming your reservation will be sent.  A client will not be added to a class from the waitlist within the 1-hour prior to class start. This is so the client may avoid a forfited class and any No Show charge. 


 We currently do not offer a drop-in rate. However, we do offer 10, 15, 20 and 30 packs which can be found on our website under pricing!  To take advantage of the $49 3 classes you must purchase it online or have already created an account with us prior to attending. First $49 3-class pack is for online sign-up and local Kansas residents ONLY.


 We DO NOT offer membership holds to studio running specials or single session members. To inquire about a hold please contact the studio at for more information.


*Privates are confirmed 24 hours in advance. Private sessions require a minimum of 24 hour notice to cancel.

*Cancellation made inside 12-hours, that session will be forfeited.

*Any No Show to your scheduled private session, will also be forfeited

Privates are confirmed via email or phone. To Book a private visit our online store here: ONLINE STORE  and purchase the private package of choice. Once completed please call: 913-735-3430 or email us at to book your sessions with your preferred time and day (subject to availability).